Epic Tiki

Comedic videos for the modern sensibility.

We make funny things so you don't have to. Dive into Epic Tiki's comedy lagoon and drink of our funny tasting waters.  

Comedy and passion. With a passion for comedy. In addition to comedic passion.  

At Epic Tiki, we believe in lush comedy that is teeming with life. The kind of comedy that you order in the shell of a coconut. And then it hits you like a tsunami, out of nowhere. We want you to have a tropical and traumatic comedic experience that is like the sting of a poisonous barb from a faintly alien sea creature. It's fresh and exciting, but also life threatening.


Our vision is to surround every piece of comedic goodness with a savage look into a secluded getaway where the cares and worries of your world are supplanted by mysterious and tempting emotions you could only experience in a lost city made of gold and bamboo. When you see our comedy you will experience adventure, relaxation, danger, and a sensual passion heretofore unknown. You will experience Epic Tiki...