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"Northern California's Best Talk Show"



Though the above quote may have been written by one of the creators of Epic Tiki, that sentiment is in fact true. I mean just go ahead and try to make a list of talk shows in Northern California. Go ahead, I'll wait. You finished? There are so many, and yet none can compare with Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show, the greatest Northern Californian talk show of all time.

Episode 15 - Cheryl The Soccer Mom!

We're back with another episode! This time Cheryl "The Soccer Mom" Anderson joins Luke in the spa to talk about appalling service at Mountain Mike's Pizza and Luke reveals his true feelings for J.R. De Guzman! We also have a new segment called BEEFS! Please like and share this episode if you enjoyed it guys! 

For more Cheryl check out her website


Episode 14 - Jaclyn Weiand!

The very funny and alluring Jaclyn Weiand stops by to talk about lame jokes people make, butt stuff, and we come up with a merch suggestion for our friend D.J. Sandhu! Also more peeing in the pool! It's a lot of fun you guys, like it and share it and we'll give you in-person hugs the next time we see you!

Episode 13 - Emma Haney!

Emma Haney, brilliant comedian and co-host (with Stephen Furey) of the hilarious Belligerently Uninformed Podcast drops by to talk about where she got her "side-dick" and do another "guest-segment" from their podcast: "Hot Cat Piss!" Enjoy!

Episode 12 - Jesse Fernandez!

Comedian and writer Jesse Fernandez joins Luke in the spa to talk about "The Shocker," pee in the pool (at least twice), and then explain the health benefits of eating other people's poop. He's not a doctor, but maybe he's onto something... Enjoy!

Episode 11 - Stephen Furey!

Comedian Stephen Furey joins Luke in the spa to talk about his crazy assistant Jennifer and his podcast, Belligerently Uninformed! They also do everyone's favorite segment from the podcast, Facebook Drafts! And you get to see them do it live! In living color! Enjoy!

Episode 10 - Diana Hong! 

In the latest Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show comedian Diana Hong stops by to talk about Asian stereotypes, working at "The Rack," and her funny and helpful Twitter account (@bitchespreach)!

Episode 9 - Johnny Sittisin! (Part 2)

Part two of our very first two-part Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show! Luke is back with Johnny Sittisin to talk about tambourine players, R. Kelly, and Magic the Gathering! 

Episode 9 - Johnny Sittisin! (Part 1)

Hey guys we're back with another episode of the wettest talk show of all time, Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show! In this episode the very funny and extremely talented Johnny Sittisin joins Luke in the spool to talk about weird dates, strange smells, and nipples! This is our very first two-part episode as well so please come back next week for the exciting conclusion! 

Episode 8 - Chris "Dirty" Denny!

On this episode of Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show comedian Chris "Dirty" Denny drops in to talk about homeless people, his unfortunate encounter with a deer, and play a rousing game of Marry, F@$%, Kill. Enjoy! 


Episode 7 - Janelle Murphey!

We weren't lying when we said this show would be coming out sooner and more often! In our 7th episode, comedian Janelle Murphey hops into the spa-pool (spool?) with Luke to talk about weird people on the bus, tasers, and farts! Yes, farts. Please like our videos, and if you do like them, please share them and tell a friend! Yes those last two are the same thing, but so are apples and oranges! Right...? 

Episode 6 - Dave Loret de Mola!

It's a new year you guys! We're back! And with the new year comes a new episode with a brand new shorter format! That's right, we cut out the fat and now you're getting pure one on one goodness with our guests! 

In this episode the hilarious and multi-talented Dave Loret de Mola stops by to talk about Doga, Eskimo sister moms, porn, carpooling, and his new poetry book! It's a weird wild time that you'll enjoy!

For more info on Dave visit his website: 8-bitreality.com. You can find his poetry, order his new book (sort of) and you can see when he's performing next. Also don't forget to visit our website, epictiki.com, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Episode 5 - Mike Cella!

Great Caesar's Ghost! This is the longest Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show yet! It's Hallolate Hellaween time at Epic Tiki so we've got loads of scares and treats. First we talk about what's been happening in the world, from NASA satellites to the latest from fugitive Edward Snowden. Then we give you some Hallolate Hellaween flavored Tiki Tips and present a sketch featuring comedians Mike Betancourt and Claire Fischer! And our special guest this time is the hilarious and super quiet Mike Cella! He and Luke talk about, well, we're not sure what they talked about... But why don't you just watch and find out! Happy Hallolate Hellaween!!!

Episode 4 - Sam Bruno!

Oh mylanta these are taking us WAY too long to put out! But whatever, here, in all it's hilarity, is episode 4 of Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show. In this episode, we talk to the super funny jack of all trades Sam Bruno! He's a comic, a musician, a tattoo artist, and I think he also sells pet supplies.. We also make some jokes about Apple's latest iPhone, former New England Patriot Brandon Lloyd's poor career decisions, and a group of scientists who are not all that they say they are. We also visit the midnight release of one of the most anticipated video games of the year, Grand Theft Auto V!!! So tune in and enjoy our amazing sense of humor! You'll be glad you did... 

Episode 3 - Ellis Rodriguez!

The wait is over people! Episode 3 is here and it's a delicious scorpion bowl full of wonder and humorous happenings. In this episode we talk about glow in the dark bunnies, Elon Musk's latest technological wonder, the "Half" of Two and a Half Men, and Kanye West! We then take to the tub to hang with the incredibly funny and charming Ellis Rodriguez who answers questions about vampires, shares his impression of the Micro Machines guy, and tells us all about his upcoming sketch show, The Luke Soin Show Starring Ellis Rodriguez! It's an adventure you'll want to share with your friends and loved ones, so please do! Enjoy!

Episode 2 - Mike Garland!

It took WAAAY too much time but episode 2 is FINALLY HERE!!! In this episode we have more news jokes for you, a new CO-HOST, two new fake commercials, and an insightful interview with Mike Garland! We talk about everything from jorts to Alfred Molina's man breasts! Really, those are two things we actually talk about. So check it out! Love it, share it, and share it some more! 

Episode 1 - Ben Rice!

THIS is the pilot episode of Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show! A new ongoing series from the minds that brought you Poltergayst, Tankedsgiving, and several State Farm commercial parodies! On this episode we talk about recent news items ranging from George Bush's flight plans to Jay-Z's new album. We also have a couple fun skits for you and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the ONE AND ONLY BEN RICE! Folsom's First Son! We talk to Ben about all the "fun" he had hosting Po'Boyz as well as his love of beer and his deep rooted hatred for Alec Hamlin. Enjoy and please subscribe! More episodes to come with more amazing guests so STAY TUNED!